Kim Diteresi

Kim found yoga after a back injury 20 Years ago. Being an athlete her entire life, Yoga gave her a deeper understanding and appreciation of properly caring for her Body. She also found in Yoga mental well-being and she immediately loved how it replenishes her soul. Kim is a dog lover and 8th grade science teacher for 22 years. She has been part of the Rise Yoga community for 7 years now and her class is a beautiful reflection of her passion for teaching yoga.


Cynthea Morris

After suffering physical injuries, 2 total knee replacements, surviving cancer and the rollercoaster of life, always coming back to yoga, 'It's always comes back to yoga'. Cynthea’s personal and professional practice has evolved to embrace, not only the physical benefits of asana, but also the emotional and spiritual. Cynthea has a unique teaching style combining strength and grace with genuine joy and humor. Dedicated to assisting students of all levels in experiencing how the practice of yoga can benefit health & inspire daily life. Cynthea considers Yoga not only as a physical activity, but a lifestyle. Cynthea’s interests lie in a energetic practice using graceful flows, attention to breath, combined with intention-setting, and good music to ensure presence and joy in each moment on the mat. Living in an International City like Long Beach with such a diverse population has given Cynthea the honor and privilege to work with students from all walks of life, Students from France, China, Japan and Mexico. Students who have disabilities as well as different cultural & class backgrounds. From the young to the elderly, English speaking or non-English speaking. Cynthea is able to help them develop and grow in their yoga practice and in turn grow in them selves. Cynthea believes in an integrated system of wellness that uses nutrition, breathing techniques, postures and meditation to bring about total health. “Cynthea has a down-to-earth style, infused with strength and grace”. Cynthea is able to communicate with grace, humor and genuine joy, she teaches from the heart with a smile”. 750 HOUR CERTIFIED 1000+ Hours continuing education Cynthea Morris • C.R.Y.T., Certified Reiki Master, Chakra Balancing Energy & Sound Healer Cynthea has a background in Art, Design and Holistic Health.


Leslie Caswell

I distinctly remember the day, that for the first time ever, I felt at ease in my body. I began exploring yoga in 1997. Living in a rural town, the opportunity to practice yoga was limited. I would take yoga or tai chi classes at fitness conferences, practice from articles in Shape or Yoga Journal and Alan Fingers’ Yoga Zone on ESPN. The understanding of yoga, “union” and the desire to practice wellness from a holistic perspective was further taking root as I studied The Blue Zones, community wellness, and Herbert Benson’s Relaxation Technique. I completed my Masters degree with an emphasis in human services in 2012, my goal was to improve wellness to the greatest number of people possible. In my heart I felt the common denominator causing “dis-ease” was stress, which is directly related to the quality of our breathing. I knew that wellness had to begin with self-love. This is what yoga allows in our life - beginning with the acknowledgement of Namaste and the inner stillness developed by connecting with breath. My practice over the years had ebbed and flowed but the mat brought healing. Yoga was a gift that gave to me again and again without fail. I completed my 200-hour Dayton Method Hot Yoga Teacher Training in 2017 at Yoga Tribe. I will be participating in the Veteran’s Yoga Project Mindful Resilience training February 14-16, 2020. It is a dream come true to expand my teaching and join Rise Yoga HB Collective. Come meet me on the mat and in exploring our true Selves.


Charlene Reed

A gentle yoga practice is one that feels good to your body, connecting breath to movement. Charlene has been practicing yoga on and off for 20 years and committed to her 200-hour transformation training in 2019 to reconnect to herself and share with others on their journey. A full-time design educator and part-techie by day, yoga offers a way to gently awaken all parts of the body and find that connection of body and mind to restore balance to our busy lives. In her class, you will find encouragement, options to suit your level of practice, creative playlists, and inspiring messages.


Iggi Elkouatli

Iggi is a 200HR RYT yoga instructor & a reiki master. She’s been practicing yoga for 20 years.

Her vinyasa flow class is taught with warmth and an open heart.
As a musician, Iggi loves to combine music with flow & letting go!

Her class is moderately challenging, with options to simplify or advance the practice. Drawn to yogic philosophy, one of her favorite guidelines is “Ahimsa” – or “no harm”.

“Honor & respect your physical limitations, as well as your strengths. Speak to yourself with kindness”.

Coleen-1x1 (1)

Coleen Sanford

Yoga is the study of self, it creates self-awareness, self-connection and self-love. Which leads us to universal awareness, connection and love. I am here to help you connect to your most beautiful form through the flow of yoga. Coleen has always been active and enjoyed outdoor sports. She started yoga as a workout and loved only the super intense classes. After a few months she truly connected and yoga became so much more than just a workout. She loves being a student as well as a teacher. Coleen completed her RYT 200 at Yoga Shakti and has been teaching yoga for 5 years. Her classes are creative and offer layers for each student. She seeks to help students connect their breath to their movement and really tune into their bodies. Coleen encourages everyone to listen to their body and not the mind to truly challenge yourself. Pain in the body (not tightness) is never good, self-doubts leaving the mind are always good!


Maja Re

Maja offers a unique, artistic and comprehensive approach to the practice that encourages her students to view challenges from alternate perspectives, and to live their lives to the fullest potential! She has always been drawn to supporting people, and being able to have a positive impact on how someone goes about their day, week, or even life is what keeps her going.

Maja’s background starts in the arts and interior design. She has been practicing yoga for over 13 years, and her love and appreciation for its beauty and joy that it brings to her life grows every day. Yoga has changed her life both on and off the mat.

Her education background started with her Bachelor of Arts from Chapman University and continued on to the field of Interior Design with a degree from UCLA. She holds a 200 Hour Vinyasa Yoga Certification under Laura Love, as well as her Usui Reiki Ryoho/Tibetan Reiki Shinpiden/Master Certification under Prakash Nam, is Breathwork Certified under Wendy Liechty, who was trained by David Elliot, and is also CPR certified.

Please feel free to find her on her website:


Angel Montague

Angel Montague is a certified Yoga instructor, certified Reiki Master, an educator for special needs students and a mother of two vibrant boys. Her classes benefit all levels of students while encompassing postures from the hot series, vinyasa, Restorative and Yin yoga. She adds a unique element to her teaching style by uniting Deaf and hearing yogis alike by incorporating American Sign Language into her classes as needed. Her genuine passion to teach and her fascination of the interconnectedness we all share shines through in her classes as she aims to inspire others to discover and reveal their inner truth. Angel earned both her 200 hour and 100 hour certifications through Core Power Yoga, a Children’s yoga certification through Smiling Monkeys, and a Yin Yoga certification through Ra Yoga. She enjoys being outdoors immersed in the beauty and wonder of nature.


Angela Chavarria

My name is Angela and I am a mother, 200-RYT, Reiki Practitioner, and a Special needs para-educator.

While going through my Yoga Teacher Training, I was able to dive deeper down the spiral of Yoga and self healing. It sparked such an immense transformation within me, I experienced what I love about Yoga – Connection through intention!! I had the opportunity to explore myself from the inside-out, unifying my mind-body-spirit to create balance that was new to me. It quickly grew a part of my daily routine.

I aim to help one another live life with intention by unifying mind-body-spirit. Through each breath, movement, and moment of stillness. I find myself actively encouraging “beginners” because I would love for you all to know – anyone can do yoga. I offer a class where we leave ego and judgment behind in order to create a safe space for us all. I am at service to the world, Yoga found me at the perfect time in my life and I will continue to spread the love of Yoga.

“Yoga is like music: the rhythm of the body, the melody of the mind, and the harmony of the soul create the symphony of life.” – BKS IYENGAR

Namaste Angela Chavarria


Pamela Gerber

Pamela is a yoga practitioner of over 30 years, who enjoys teaching therapeutic yoga to groups and individuals. Her passion is helping students safely find that sweet spot of effort and ease through breath and movement, yielding yoga’s magic. Though she has taught a variety of classes from power to yin, her heart lies in yoga basics, gentle yoga, chair yoga and vinyasa flow for mature adults.

Pamela Gerber’s training also includes enrollment in an 865-hour yoga therapy program and Mindful Resilience Training for Veterans through The Veterans Yoga Project. Aside from her private practice, she currently teaches Yoga at various facilities and residential housing for veterans, the chronically homeless, and senior residents.

RYT 200, from Huntington Beach, CA


Kylynn Begley

After being introduced to yoga in 2008, Ky immediately fell in love. However, it wasn’t until August of 2016 when she joined Rise Yoga HB that she was able to have a true consistent practice. Instantly she felt a powerful connection to not only the physical practice of yoga and the strong inner strength that it brings, but to the sense of community and connection among all the students. In August of 2017, Ky completed her very first 200-hour teacher training program right here at Rise Yoga, and the desire to teach had now been fully ignited. The ability to share the beautiful practice of yoga with others is not only a humbling opportunity for her, but truly a blessing as well.


Carolina Montresor

South African yoga instructor, artist, traveler and ocean dweller. I have been a student to this practice for roughly 5 years and have been an artist and creative expressionist for most of my life. I am truly inspired to help heal, connect and unite this world and create a long lasting and beautiful impact along the way. My mission is to learn, teach and inspire students who may be new to the essence of yoga and its practices as well as help heal those suffering from any and all forms of physical, spiritual and emotional discomforts. Doing this through my practices of yoga and art, healing one student at a time. Helping them find their voice, their self love, their self worth and power and inspire them to exist in love and light and create positive changes in the world around.


Christelle Reigner

"Practicing yoga is so important to me because it nurtures a sense of self-worth, empowerment and confidence."

Christelle stumbled into a yoga class in her early 20’s, looking for relief from daily struggles like anxiety, trouble sleeping, unbalanced eating habits… She found in yoga immediate comfort, acceptance of her body and a profound experience of balance. She has been teaching for 11 years and loves to embody Patanjali’s 8 limbs of yoga in all of her classes to promote growth not only through the “asanas” yoga postures but also through breath work, meditation and more.She has studied yoga with many great teachers but her most influential training was the one she did in India with Maty Ezraty from Sri K. Pattabhi Jois lineage.


Ashley McKeachie

Ashley McKeachie, MA, C-IAYT, E-RYT 500, Certified Yoga Therapist and Yoga Educator, has been committed to teaching the power of yoga since 2011. She received her yoga therapy certification and a Master’s in Yoga Studies from Loyola Marymount University. She spends half of her time working with chronic pain patients and the other half as adjunct faculty at Orange Coast College, where she oversees the yoga teacher training program. Ashley teaches group classes at RiseYoga HB and Spectra Yoga, where she is an educator at both studios for their foundational and advanced yoga teacher training. She most recently co-led a yoga retreat to Panama, where students discovered their purpose in life. For more information on privates, events, workshops, training, and retreats, visit or email


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