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Where yoginners rise up to their highest potential

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Park Yoga with Christelle
Thursday 7am @ Pattinson Park
Mommy & Me Yoga
Friday Oct 2nd at 10:30am
Wetlands Malasana
Wetlands Malasana

Who We Are

Rise Yoga is a warm and authentic yoga community where many yoga beginners grew into confident yogis.
We recently had to close our doors due to covid-19 but our owner Christelle Reigner continues to share her love for a meaningful practice with Park Yoga classes, Baby and mommy Yoga and more.

Yoga Transformation Training

200-Hour Transformation Training coming Fall! We want to invite our community on a journey of self discovery through a 200 Hour Yoga Alliance certified Yoga Transformation Training.

Deepen your practice, learn how to teach the postures and grow into your best self in our extensive yoga knowledge workshops.

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Yoga Retreat

Discover the magic of Playa venao!

A purpose “Dharma” driven week-long yoga retreat led by Christelle Reigner and Ashley McKeachie

Saturday, January 9 – Sunday, January 16. 2021