200 Hr. Yoga Transformation Training | Rise Yoga HB

200 Hr. Yoga Transformation Training

200-Hour Transformation Training coming this Fall!

We want to invite our community on a journey of self discovery through a 200 Hour Yoga Alliance certified Yoga Transformation Training.

Deepen your practice, learn how to teach the postures and grow into your best self in our extensive yoga knowledge workshops.

Tentative Schedule:

  • Wednesday 6:30 to 10pm
  • Friday 6:30 to 10pm
  • Sunday 11 to 4pm

Training starts 9/23rd ends 12/6th:
Posture clinics
History of Yoga
Ancient Texts
Yoga Sutras
Energetic Anatomy
Yoga Philosophy
Ethics of Yoga

Price: $3150 with $400 OFF until 6/1st

Email: Christelle@riseyogahb.com to sign up!

Secure your spot/discount with a $500 deposit through Venmo or Paypal

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I am so blessed to have been a part of the first Rise Yoga Teacher Training program. It has exceeded all my expectations, and I could see how much work the teachers put into giving us students the most passionate, open, safe, joyful, and overall best learning experience possible. Christelle, Matt, Ashley, and Garrett are all so knowledgeable as individuals, but when they come together to openly share all they know to a group of eager and willing students: well, all I can say is WOW. Taylor

Amazing teacher training with awesome knowledge and most importantly loving teachers. The studio embraces everyone and the ceremony at the end was truly magical. Met awesome women and was a pleasure to share the journey of personal growth with them. Jessica

The instructors are top notch professionals. The class curriculum is like no other yoga teacher training.
You develop relationships that are true, meaningful and lasting. Priceless benefits! Michele

And I thought I knew how to yoga. But I didn’t really. Rise Yoga 200-hour teacher training is a balanced, inspiring and evolution-inducing program. I found something that aligns with my values that I can put my whole heart into. I love teaching. Cheryl

What’s Great about the training?

  • Great, supportive, loving, knowledgeable teachers – Christelle, Matt, Ashely and Garrett. They teach you what is the most up to date, evidence-based information.
  • Life transforming – it is about the being more aware physical , emotional, mental and spiritual aspects that is within each of us
  • The classmates are amazing, supportive and there’s a sense of family. There are even some of the current teachers of the studio that are in our training so we are learning from them too!
  • Different activities that works for different types of learners. It is a variety of training – solo, in pairs, as a group, but overall, very fun and good to learn.
  • Cost of the training – the most affordable in OC and they even offer monthly payments and early bird specials. I highly recommend this teacher training 🙂 Namaste!” Kaye