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Kids Night Out

Saturday, January 25th


$25 per child. Bring a sibling or friend for $15. Cash or Venmo @Angel-Montague

This is a kid only event! Parents enjoy a night out (or in) after you drop your kiddo off to enjoy a night out of their own! Our kids yoga teacher, Angel, has organized a fun night at the studio for our little beings which includes yoga, games, pizza & a movie. Ages 5 and up.

For questions and to reserve your child’s spot please contact Angel at or 714-9061722.

Reiki Share

Friday, January 31st


$10 participation Cash or Venmo @Angel-Montague

We will now be offering Reiki shares. This is great if you are even slightly curious about Reiki and for practitioners who want to use their skills. And of course those you who are familiar with Reiki! If you know, then you know! Receive healing and reset your energy as we begin this New Year.

Full Moon CBD Sound Bath

Friday, February 7th


To Register:

Join us for a relaxing Sound Bath meditation. Movida Oils will be there too! They will provide CBD oils for extra relaxation and healing. This is an opportunity for you to cleanse your energy centers and wash away all that no longer serves you. We will release tension in the physical body, as well as emotional blocks that hold us back from authentically expressing who we are. You will be led into a guided Savasana and while in a state of deep relaxation, Jenn will lull you into deeper states of consciousness with the vibrations of her gongs, crystal singing bowls and other sacred instruments. The oils provided by Movida Oils will enhance your relaxation experience.This experience is designed to help move stagnant energy out of the body and clear channels for deep healing and new blessings to enter your life.This is a deeply relaxing and restorative meditation session that leaves you feeling blissed out and rejuvenated.This is an act of self-care. Self-love and self-care are how we can prevent disease and anything else that keeps us from living our best lives. Just like we recommend physically showering/bathing on a regular basis, the same is recommended for our energy centers. Think of this experience as an energy bath/cleanse. Even just the smallest act of self-love/self-care each day makes a big difference in feeling EMPOWERED.Some benefits of Sound Healing include:–reaching higher states of consciousness–complete relaxation –reduces depression, anxiety, insomnia, and stress–deeper meditations–greater concentration–stimulates creativity–clears emotional blocks–alleviates addictions–provides clarity and insight–helps alleviate PTSD and grief–stimulates immune and glandular systems–releases emotional traumas –activates body’s natural healing systems–deeply restorative–energizing and rejuvenating–stabilizes emotions and mood
**Eye pillows will be available for purchase. Participants find that the weight and aromatherapy of the eye pillow enhance the meditation and relaxation experience.