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Rise to your highest potential

Rise Yoga HB is a Vinyasa Flow based yoga studio near the Bella Terra mall.
We embody Patanjali’s 8 limbs of yoga in all our classes to promote growth not only through the “asanas” yoga postures but also through breath work, meditation and more.

Our purpose is to make yoga accessible to EVERYONE as we believe that Yoga is NOT for fit and flexible people only.
It’s the practice that makes people more fit and more flexible, not the other way around!

About Christelle

Christelle teaches a uniquely innovative class that encourages healing from the inside out for a permanent and complete transformation. Her class supports the detoxification process through movement, balance and union of the body and mind by way of the breath.

She stumbled into a yoga class in her early 20’s, looking for relief from daily struggles like anxiety, trouble sleeping, eating… She found in yoga immediate comfort, acceptance of her body and a profound experience of balance.

She has been teaching yoga for over 10 years and continues to evolve.
She has studied yoga with many great teachers but her most influential training was the one she did in India with Maty Ezraty from Sri K. Pattabhi Jois lineage.

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“Practicing yoga is so important to me because it nurtures a sense of self-worth, empowerment and confidence.”


A year ago, I apprehensivly walked into Annmarie’s gentle sunday class not knowing what to expect, but in search of something more than just excersize. I bet you guys hear this from alot of students, but it’s really changed my life in so many ways! I feel capable, strong & inspired everyday, feelings I’m still getting used to experiencing for the first time πŸ™‚ As leaders in yoga, bussiness women in our community, and just all around good people, you are my heros! I finally love myself, thank you for being part of my journey πŸ’™


This was the first studio I have been to that I was not completely nervous or overwhelmed to be in. This would be perfect for beginners, and a welcoming practice for advanced students too. Christelle creates such a warm inviting atmosphere. I love Rise Yoga HB and will definitely be back!  – Jenn C.


I am so glad I came… I loved this workshop and Rise Yoga HB!!! Can’t wait for the future workshops.
It felt so right it was amazing! Christelle, I had so much energy all day long, I been cleaning the house and organizing like a mad woman, I just sat down first time just now after 12 hrs!…I remember feeling this way when I used to do ashtanga yoga 5 yrs ago. Whatever you did to me today I definitely want more of that .
I would highly recommend this studio!  – Olja P.