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Yoga Transformation Blog

By Christelle | In News | on July 26, 2019

Yoga Teaches Healing of Both Mind and Body

I’m Christelle from Rise Yoga. Did you know that the intention of yoga is for transformation – to heal the mind, not only the body? Yoga originates from the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. And out of the 196 Yoga Sutras, only four speak of the body. That left me wondering, is that why so many practice yoga and yet so many are still suffering? We need to make sure that we practice yoga classes that cover all the different aspects of yoga.

Proper Teachings of Yoga for Transformation

When the yoga class is taught in the way that it was intended to be taught, it should cover the asanas (the yoga postures). It should also cover the pranayamas. These are the breathing techniques that help you move through trauma. They help you move your energy so that you can leave the yoga studio feeling a brand new you. The meditation helps you become aware of negative thought patterns. It helps you release the anxiety that springs from your conscious and subconscious mind. The philosophy of yoga should be covered in every yoga class. This is so students can learn about practicing compassion, contentment. Yoga covers many other philosophies that the yoga practice teaches. When the students leave the yoga studio, they should feel a brand new self. They should feel inspired to practice yoga for the rest of the day. The yoga practice starts on the mat, but it’s actually a practice that continues throughout the entire day.

Course on Yoga for Transformation

Examples of practicing yoga off the mat are:
  • Being honest
  • Speaking kind words
  • Having positive thoughts towards others
But this also means having positive thoughts towards yourself. And we know how much of a challenge this can be. I’m still struggling with that every day. But, when I take the yoga class that is taught in the original way, I come out feeling completely transformed. That this is what I wish for every student to experience. This is where the power of yoga lies. Please make sure that you’ve taken classes that cover all the different aspects of yoga. We created this yoga transformation training to help these students become their best selves. So, in the fall we have the 200-hour yoga transformation training coming up. I’m teaming up with Ashley McKeachie and Matt Patterson from Flow Life HB. We’re going to have the workshops at Flow Life. I will be teaching half of the hours. We are excited to have students grow into their best self. And we have helped many transformations into their most abundant life and we want to go and share the love for teaching yoga. So, message me as quickly as possible, because it’s coming up and I would love to help you transform! Namaste.

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