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Surf City’s Yoga Collective

Yoga collective, no contracts or memberships, $10-20 per class

Rise Yoga is a Collective of teachers and students who come together to create a sacred space for our practice. We are a welcoming environment where many yoginners have grown into confident yogis, but no matter where you are on your journey we offer a variety of classes to match your needs.

We pride ourselves on being an authentic space where we can connect with our practice and each other. Our core values are simplicity, kindness & connection. 

We are the first and only Collective in North Orange County. There are no memberships or contracts. Classes are affordable and teachers are valued. 


“Wonderful, welcoming staff of talented teachers. So glad I found a yoga home that challenges, accepts and enlightens!” ~Lisa

“Favorite yoga studio around HB (and I tried 5 of them)! If you want a non-corporate environment with a chill, non-competitive atmosphere and great teachers, this is the place for you. I practiced throughout my pregnancy with the help of the knowledgable teachers.” ~Georgiana

“Always been my favorite yoga studio, I did 200-hour teacher training. It is my safe place where you can do yoga without being judged or feeling competitive.
They recently changed the system to a “collective” where you pay the teacher per class and it makes it very casual with no contract. You just go and pay about $10 (depends on class).
I got to take Christelle (my guru)’s class and she is so amazing at guiding you to feel each pose and breathing. You have this very elevated sensational feeling of clarity and relaxation. Truly heals you!!!” ~Nana